How to commission a research project to us?


We follow the following research procedures:

I. Research Proposal

First of all, we make every effort to know the requirements of our client. A client may write a research request mentioning objective of the research, points to be covered, and deadline for the study and fax or e-mail to us. Once we know the requirements of our client, we write a research proposal which includes:
1) Objective of research
2) Points to be covered
3) Research methodology
4) Research place, period, and cost

There is no charge up to this point.

The research proposal once accepted and signed by our client, forms a contract between us for execution of the research project commissioned.

II. Conducting Research

A research project starts from the day our client signs the research proposal.
MSR guarantees the confidentiality and quality of research.

III. Submission of Report

Our normal practice is to submit a draft report first, and then a final report to ensure that our report meets all the requirements of our client.

Please contact: msr@myanmar.com.mm

Tel: 95-1-391008 / 391387/ 255655
Fax: 95-1-254263